Beautiful table of bars!

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Aspen Junior Golf Tournament

We will be at the Aspen Junior Golf Tournament.

 August 2nd & 3rd

So stop by and grab a bar!

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The Carbondale Mountain Fair

Come see us at The Carbondale Mountain Fair.

July 24th-26th at Sopris Park, Carbondale, CO. It's free!

See you there!

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Jen's Cafe Bars Travel Well!

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Who What When Where Why

We are interested in finding out who you are!!  What do you love about Jen's Cafe Bars? When did you first try a bar?  Where were you and why?  We are doing a lot of exciting things here at Jen's Cafe Bars and one of them is finding out about you.  Share your story!!  We will be doing contests and giveaways!  So pin, post, tweet,  share, grab, tag, love, like and more!!!  Keep watching for updates on our media and share the love!
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Going Gluten Free

Celiac disease, an autoimmune digestive disorder, has sparked this incredible change in the way we eat. Sufferers of the disease and those with gluten sensitivity have been cutting gluten out of their diets for years, but now, it’s time for the rest of us to give it a whirl. Gluten is out, people. What’s in, you ask? Quinoa, buckwheat, gluten-free flours, fresh produce, and lots of creativity. The shelves at local markets now boast a variety of different gluten-free choices in flour, breads, and snacks for you to try.

There are some awesome benefits for going gluten-free even if you aren’t a Celiac sufferer. But most importantly, it’s the awesome advantage of cutting out more of the scary processed foods that seem to be marching their way into pantries across the country. Living cleaner, with fresher ingredients, and a conscious choice about what we’re putting in our bodies is making a huge difference.

Maybe it’s time to ditch the gluten if you haven’t already. 



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Jen's Cafe Bars at Sidewinder Sports on the Snowmass Mall!

Jen's Cafe Bars are now at Sidewinder Sports on the Snowmass Mall!
For those epic days when you don't have time for lunch, have a Jen's Cafe Bar instead!!

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Edible Aspen

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Colorado Proud

 Jen's Cafe Bars are handmade in Colorado.


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Where we are!

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