Jen's Story


Jen’s Cafe, LLC was officially founded in 2010, but Jen herself has had a lifelong relationship with food. A couple of her earliest experiences include hosting at restaurants while growing up in Malibu, California and briefly running her own catering business after graduating college in Durango, Colorado.  

Years later, Jen was a single mother, working as a massage therapist in Los Angeles. An intuitive decision brought her and her son, Riley, back to Colorado when they moved to the town of Basalt in 2006. Following the move, Jen found herself wanting more fulfilment than massage therapy offered. At just the right time, she stumbled upon the opportunity to take over a local coffee shop. The new “Jen’s Cafe” quickly became one of the most popular spots in town and it was there that she began to create her own recipes. Jen’s Cafe sold large quantities of Jen’s very own soups, salads, sandwiches, lattes, and of course, bars! Jen’s first energy bar came in only one flavor and was modestly packaged in plastic wrap and sealed with a sticker. Nonetheless, hoards of customers flocked to the cafe and purchased platefuls of them!

In 2011, Jen made the decision to discontinue her cafe as she was eager to build a business around her bars. After choosing a few base ingredients and experimenting with various nut butters, she developed three delicious flavors: almond, peanut, and pumpkin seed butter. Jen’s son, Riley, and her good friend, Sarah, designed a logo for the brand and with the help of a few more connections through friends and family, Jen’s Cafe, LLC was officially established! The bars were welcomed and supported by several juice bars, coffee shops, yoga studios, and more throughout Colorado. It didn’t take long for California and the East Coast to start enjoying the bars as well. Jen’s Cafe Bars are now sold in several US states and are looking forward to expanding into Canada. We are also proud to provide a delicious source of fuel to multiple NHL teams, including the Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, and San Jose Sharks.

Jen continues to be the driving force behind her business and enjoys introducing her handmade bars to various retailers and food-lovers throughout the United States and beyond.