"Jen's Cafe Bars are scrumptious! They satisfy the craving for sweetness in such a healthy way that there's no guilt involved at all. Just delicious bites of goodness and wonderful ingredients." Cherise 

"I first found Jen's Cafe Bars at Roxy's market when I was looking for healthy, on-the-go food I could pack for a long bike ride. I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious and wholesome these bars are-- you can taste the natural ingredients in every bite. Having a healthy option in a bar like this is so helpful for people who can't eat preservatives, flavor enhancers, whey or other processed ingredients found in many bars. Jen's Cafe Bars combine convenience with healthy and delicious!" Claudia, CO


"Thank you Jen’s Café Bars for sharing your delicious bars with me! I am always searching for new “homemade” bars with wholesome ingredients for my “on the go”, living out of my food bag, life. Always nice to have a small slice of Colorado in your day too." Maureen Stockein, Volunteer Firefighter and Dietician for the NY Mets


"I am normally not a person who eats processed food but when I read the ingredients, it looked pretty healthy and after I tasted it,  found it to be delicious in one of the best bars I’ve ever eaten!  Thanks for your hard work :-)" Kim S. from New Castle, CO


"They are amazing. I’m a cyclist and I run a cycling club and I’m very picky about my bike food.  These bars worked perfect." Sharon Madison, Cycling Club Director, wishforwheels.org


"While on a layover in Denver from Jackson Hole I bought a Jen's Cafe Peanut Butter Bar that was amazing from Sky Market - I flew through Denver again a few days later and tried the Pumpkin Seed Butter Bar - also amazing! I have tried many, many bars and this is one of the best I have ever had." Sarah


"We are vacationing in Colorado and I've never had such a delicious bar for hiking and mountain biking. Great tasting and very natural! Love what you are doing! We will spread the word as much as we can in Houston. Thank you"Nichole H. from Houston, TX

"The bars arrived and they are delicious!! I am so happy we ordered them :) Thank you for personally checking up on the order and seeing how we like them. That is definitely different from most companies and really makes you stand out! I appreciate it!  Thank you!"Sarah D. from Houston, TX

"The bar is great for riding, really good energy and digests easy and fast!"  Hugh P. from Grand Junction, CO

"I love my Jen's Cafe Bars. When I bring home a box I have to hide them from my husband or he will finish the box before I get a chance to eat one!"Jenna M. from New Castle, COI only had a bite and really liked it…

"Liked taste and texture!" Helaine P. from New York

"A friend brought them (Jen's Cafe Bars) with him on a hike. When I tasted it I realized it was the best bar I had ever had. He told me he got it at the sandwich shop in aspen. I can't remember the name. Anyway, I go in every time I am in town but I can't seem to get enough. So I thought I would look you up on the internet and see if I could get quantity. I really enjoy them but regret having shared them with friends as they repeatedly ask for more." Margaret L. from Chicago, IL


"Your bars are the best I have ever tasted in my life! And I have tasted them all!  I'm a nursing student minoring in nutrition so my LIFE is testing these various 'health' foods and dissecting their contents to make sure they are actually healthy. And your bars are by far not only the healthiest but the best tasting out of the COUNTLESS Amounts that I have tasted."


"Boy am I glad my boss decided to carry your bars at the Pan & Fork. Just tried the pumpkin seed butter one and it was unreal delicious! Awesome job!" Pan and Fork Employee, Carbondale CO